Dezmond Crockett

a.k.a. Dezmundo was born in Inglewood, California in 1994. He attended West Los Angeles College for a year in 2013 before he would drop out and be kicked out of his home for throwing a legendary party while his parents were out of town. This, fortunately, lead him to push for personal growth and prompted an invitation to join PIECES by West Los Angeles College classmate, Teresa Escobar.

Prior to becoming a PIECES member in 2014, Dezmond would engage in art as a hobby. Under the mentorship of PIECES founder, Lalo Marquez, Dezmond would start painting frequently, more ambitiously, engage in more art shows, and street art projects; including wheat pasting, and murals. These activities would help him become more familiar with the community of artists living in Los Angeles. After a year of experience and learning with the PIECES community, Dezmond would find the inspiration to begin his first series in 2015. Launching from his strength with acrylic based portraits, his series would be a collection of muses as they relate to social media and his first experience with true love. He would commit to this project for the next 2 years leading up to his first solo exhibit on September 9, 2017.