Leah Tinari – A Departure Home

Nov 14, 2021 – Dec 01, 2021

A Departure Home, new work by artist Leah Tinari, opens Saturday, November 13th at ORTHODOX.  In her latest series of gouaches and photographs, Tinari delves into the psyche of a world thrust into the confines of Covid. Exceedingly personal, her inward and outward reflections allow us to consider our own new selves as we reemerge after this most unusual time. These works showcase Tinari’s daily documentation of her quarantined life — seeking to make art a daily reflexive and reflective visual journal rendered in mixed media.

Tinari’s abandoned landscapes, at-once alluring and lonely, beckon us to reckon with our own adjustment to solitude and limitations. The imagery, nostalgic and inviting, leaves us with a sense of longing for a more familiar pace of time.  The slightly muted palette, a departure from Tinari’s vibrantly-hued portraiture, reminds us that the life of the mind is best rendered with nuance and subtlety.  There is a dream-like quality to these scenes, as if the action has ceased and the characters have vanished even as the place itself was still in motion.

In her photographs, Tinari takes us deep into her creative process, from inception of idea to Muybridge-like repetition, to revelations that are both intimate and familiar. Even as she draws us into the complexity of her vulnerability, she shows us the resiliency of her strength. 

Leah Tinari, *Homemaker*, 2021 Photograph, 11”x14”

Leah Tinari, Homemaker, 2021 Photograph, 11”x14”

Leah Tinari lives and works in NYC. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design in 1998, Tinari has been working as an artist ever since. As a painter, illustrator, custom artist and author, she straddles the worlds of fine art, commercial art, fashion and publishing.  Tinari has collaborated with several Fortune 500 companies and has been published by top national and international publishing houses.