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Crenshaw’s Orthodox L.A. Gallery Hosts Contemporary Art Exhibit

Orthodox L.A. hosts the creative works of 10 emerging artists in a new exhibition entitled, “What’s Your Vibe?”  The interactive multimedia installation is on display until November 1 at the gallery, which is located in Los Angeles’ Crenshaw district on 54th Street near 4th Avenue.

Produced and curated by Shalandrea Houchen, known professionally as Shay Renee, the exhibit theme is “Back to School” and contains an array of canvases depicting various scenes alluding to absorbing information in a multi-sensory, classroom setting.

As Houchen explained, “These interpretations were created by each featured artist to reflect their ideal learning space, all the while encouraging the viewer to cherish their inner child. Many of the paintings were created during the pandemic, which was a pressured-filled time for the world.  The fact that these artists were even able to express themselves during that time is really commendable.”